Book Talk With Chris Stamp

“I love the outdoors would be an understatement” These are the words of Chris Stamp. An evening was spent listening to Chris as he shared how his book “Just me….In a Tree” came to be. The book is filled with stories and pictures of his fishing, hunting, trapping and camping adventures he experienced with his family and friends.

“Until next time… have fun out there!”

Story Time at St. Boniface School

On Tuesday, February 21, we visited the Kindergarten class at St. Boniface for story time. We returned on Thursday February 23 to visit the Pre-Schoolers. Both classes were treated to the story, The Snow Beast by Chris Judge. Beast had been robbed! And so had the whole village. Throughout the story the students had fun trying to help beast solve the mystery. While this was fun, making their own snow beast was probably the best part of story time for both classes!

St. Boniface Kindergarten Class were all smiles showing off their snow beasts.

St. Boniface Pre-school had a great time making their own snow beasts.

Book Talk with Chris Stamp

Elgin Public Library will be hosting a book talk on Tuesday, February 28 featuring local author Chris Stamp. Chris has always been a fan of the outdoors. Activities such as hunting and fishing have been favorite pastimes since childhood and over the years Chris has documented many of his outdoor adventures. His wife suggested that he turn these stories into a book. The library is excited to host Chris, where he will share “Just Me…In A Tree”. The book talk will begin at 7:00 P.M. at Elgin Public Library. Everyone is welcome to join us for an enjoyable evening with Chris.

Husker Stadium- Lego Style

Imagination and creativity is what Lego League is all about. In January four boys decided to “tackle” a football stadium. Today it finally reached completion. The architects of the Husker Lego stadium included: Carter Selting, James Lodge, Jacob Niewohner and Cecil Shavlik.

Story Time

On January 26, we visited the morning Preschool at Elgin Public School. We read the story The Snow Beast by Chris Judge. Following the story the students had a lot of fun making their own “snow beast”.

Then on Thursday, February 9, we visited the Kindergarten class at Elgin Public School. We read Click, Clack, Moo I Love You by Doreen Cronin. Each student made a little duck with a valentine just for them.