Balloon Animal Adventures – Everyone is Welcome to Attend

Elgin Public Library will be hosting Balloon Animal Adventures on Friday, July 16, at 2:00 pm at the Elgin United Methodist Church. Everyone is welcome to attend. Animal Adventures is offering balloon animals to purchase at the price of $2 each. If your child would like a balloon animal, they will need to be ordered and paid for at the library by July 12th.

Balloon Animal Adventures is an exciting new Live Animal Show

Tails and Tales

RAWR!! Kitties on Dinosaurs, written by Michael Slack, was read during Story Time on Monday, June 28. Three little kitties were adorable, determined, and loved to climb things like trees and oh yeah. . . DINOSAURS! What could possibly go wrong? Stop by the library and check it out!!! In the spirit of our theme, Tails and Tales, the children made dinosaur tails. It was a RAWRing good time!

Check out those tails!!!

Did the Egg Survive?

Activity time on June 17 required the kids to create a contraption that would protect an egg when dropped from a ladder. They worked in groups and were instructed to design and build a container to hold the egg using a trash bag, tissue, paper cup, string, and tape. When dropped, three out of the four groups succeeded in saving their egg.

“Don’t Call Me a Bear!”

Don’t Call Me a Bear, written by Aaron Blabey, tells the story about a koala who informs his friends that he is not a bear. Just because I’m furry Doesn’t Mean That I’m a Bear. The chldren learned that koalas are marsupials instead of bears. It was a fun and educational story.

Activity Time

Every Thursday during the month of June, Elgin Public Library has Activity Time for children grades 2 through 5 beginning at 1:00. This year we are fortunate to have Travis Rudloff, an intern at the Antelope County Extension Office, in charge of the activities. This week they talked about service animals and came up with some creative ways to provide service to others.

All kids in grades 2 through 5 are welcome to attend.

Catch That Chicken!

On Wednesday, June 9, the story Catch That Chicken! by Atinuke was read to two groups of kids. Following the story we took a field trip to see some actual chickens. Some tried to catch the chickens, but didn’t have much luck. We would like to thank Beth Miller and family for letting us visit.

Cats Meow

Story time on Monday, June 7, featured I Found a Kitty by Troy Cummings. Lucky Arfy has a home. Scamper doesn’t. Arfy just has to find a furever home for this cute little stray kitten – a quiet home full of laughs, gentle pats, and yarn balls. And bow wow wow, he thinks he knows just the place. A story that is purrfect for cat lovers, dog lovers, and anyone with a heart.

Summer Reading Story Time

Summer Reading has started at the Elgin Public Library. On Wednesday, June 3, we hosted 2 sessions of story time. We read the story Little Green Donkey by Anuska Allepuz. It is about Little Donkey whose favorite food is grass. But what happens when Little Donkey eats too much grass? He finds out when he sees his reflection.