Summer Reading

Sink or Float?

The second Activity time of our Summer Reading Program was a huge success. Thirty children were in attendance as Skylar Reestman (Antelope Co. Extension Intern) presented her lesson on salt. She showed the kids how the effects of salt in water cause an item to float or sink. Skylar used various items such as grapes, aluminum foil, ping pong balls, paper clips and a balloon to demonstrate this concept. She also read them the book “Fly Guy Presents Sharks” by Tedd Arnold.

An engaged audience!

Pirate Piggy Wiggy

Elgin Public Library kicked off our Summer Reading Program with story time on Monday, June 6. The theme for summer reading this year is “Oceans of Possibilities. Twenty one kids enjoyed the tale of “Pirate Piggy Wiggy” by Christyan and Diane Fox. What would it be like to be a swashbuckling pirate? The children joined Piggy Wiggy as he set sail across the seven seas. Following the story they each made their own pirate hat and were given an eye patch to complete their pirate costume. They even had the chance to “walk the plank” as they left the library.

The swashbuckling pirates of story time!