Lego League

The Lego League met on April 24 with 28 children attending.  Each group drew a Lego challenge card.  Their task was to build whatever was on their challenge card.  Creations are on display at the library.  Stop by the library and some of the things you will see are robots, aliens, boats, airplanes, cars, houses, rockets, and gardens.

Sew Happy!

 Sew Happy!!  That’s what the Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts were on April 6th.  Ten girls from troops 50294 and 50292 along with leader Abby Evans and co-leaders Rita Kirstine and Tori Durre came to the library to learn some sewing tips.  After learning different parts of the sewing machine the girls practiced sewing patterns on paper. They worked on controlling the speed of the foot pedal and feeding the paper through the machine.  During the next lesson they will use these skills to sew a simple project. We would like to thank Jeane Johnson and Elaine Meyers for helping.