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Mission statement
The mission of the Elgin Public Library is to provide materials and services for community residents of all ages for personal enrichment, enjoyment and educational needs. The library is dedicated to providing practical access to all forms of media. The Elgin Public Library is committed to supporting a lifelong enjoyment of reading and learning. Most of all, the Library's mission is to serve and be responsive to the needs of the community.

Story time

On Monday, July 11, Taralyn Baum and Erin Beckman read 4 books, Armadillo Rodeo, Best Balloon Ride Ever, Floating Bananas, and the Loudest Roar.  ThenIMG_1156 IMG_1157 IMG_1155 they decorated sun visors. Eight children attended.

Thursday’s Activities

On Thursday, July 7th Baily Carpenter came and did activities dealing with calories. First, they went outside and played knock the socks off of the towel. After they came back inside they split into three different groups and two of the groups got either raisins or m&m’s. They had to guess how many of each item there were to get to 100 calories. The third group saw how much of each of them there were to make the 100 calories. Next, the kids each got a folder and inside there were cards that had different foods on them with the number of calories. Each child got to choose different foods that added up to 250 calories that they would like for a snack. Baily read “My Big Brother”.

Story Time

IMG_1154On Wednesday, July 6th the children at story time made an octopus. Each child decorated tentacles that made up the eight legs. They got to choose what they wanted to do on their tentacles. After decorating the tentacles, the kids went outside to play tag. The book that was read was “Good Thing You’re Not an Octopus!” by Julie Markes.

Digestion Program

Bailey Carpenter presented a program on on foods and digestion to 14 children today at the library. They talked about food groups and  played fruit basket upset. Next they put a piece of cracker on their tongue, noticed how the taste changed, and it began to dissolve. They put bread in a baggy and squeezed it to illustrate how food is digested in our body. Last they did a guessing activity identifying the ingredients in pizza and where they come from. Bailey read a book called I Will Never, Ever Eat a Tomato.6-30 6-30=2 6-30-3

Sports at Story time

Luke Henn read to 10 children today at story time. He read Soccer Game first.

Timageimagehen he explained the sport of wrestling and showed some trophies. Next he read Dino-Swimming. He took the children outside where they took turns rolling dice to see what exercise they should do. Last he read Beans Baker, Number 5.

Hermit Crabs

Jeslynn and Taylor Beckman read imageimageFinding Dory: Explore the Big Blue Ocean today to 15 children.  During the story the children put together some puzzles. Then they got to look at and hold two pet hermit crabs, Shelly and Bob, that belong to the Beckman kids!

Activity Time

Today 18 kids came to activity time and made smoothies. The smoothies were mixed by pedaling a bicycle! While waiting their turn, they looked at labels to find the different names for sugar in products.image

Little Ducks

Myrand Palmer read 2 duck books to 9 children today. They played a duck pond matching game for prizes!

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Story time

Today Brooke Kinney read Ping Pong Pig to 13 children. They drew pigs, did a maze, made marshmallow pigs, and ate tractor wheels (crackers)! After story time, the children pick out books to check out!imageimage


Root vegetables

imageToday at activity time, 19 kids tasted a radish, carrot, and yam. They rated each on crispness, dryness, and taste. The radish was liked the least. The Yam tasted similar to the carrot. Bailey also baked chocolate chips cookies, some plain, some made with applesauce, and some with plain yogurt. The kids tried to identify which was which but couldn’t. They agreed all were good! Thanks Bailey Carpenter!!