Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop

 To wrap up our Summer Reading, Elgin Public Library will be hosting a Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop on Friday, July 10.   During the workshop, children will be read a storybook, then bring their plush character to life by hand-stuffing it and wishing on a star.  Each animal will come with everything needed to bring it to life including the fiberfill stuffing, rainbow wish star, birth certificate and take-home bag.  If you are interested in participating in our Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop please select which furry friend your child would like and send or bring the completed form and payment to Elgin Public Library.  Deadline has been moved to June 29.   Cost of each character is $15. Make checks payable to Elgin Public Library.

Name:  ______________________________________________              

    Blaze Dragon                                How many?  _______          


    Honey Horse                      How many?  _______


  Hailey Unicorn                   How many?  _______


  Rocky Dinosaur                    How many?  _______

                                                                                                                                                                                Total Cost   _________

Elgin Public Library Summer Reading Challenge

We are using an internet-based system called Reader Zone for our Summer Reading Challenge.  You will need to

Search for Reader Zone at the app store.

Install the Reader Zone app on your device.

Make an account and add your reader(s).  You will need a code to join our program. To get the code you can call the library or stop in and pick up the information sheet. Happy Reading!!