Library History

The Minden Public Library Association was formed in 1906. Membership was open to any resident for an annual fee of 25 cents.

A committee from the Library Association met with the County Board in August of 1906 to request a suitable room in the new courthouse be reserved for use as a community library and reading room. A room on the first floor of the courthouse was reserved for library use. Previously, the library had been in the Christian Science Hall, at the SE corner of Block 28 in Minden.

The present library building was built by the Andrew Jensen Family in 1953. An expansion and remodeling project was completed in 1989, adding an arboretum to the grounds.

In 2011, renovations funded by the Arthur Jensen Family were begun, featuring the expansion of seating areas, new windows throughout the building, new furnishings, rearranging of collection areas, and addition of a community meeting room and genealogy room.