Computer Use

Guidelines for Public Internet, WiFi, & Computer Use at JML, and User Agreement

1. Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Individuals are asked to be respectful of others waiting to use our electronic resources. No more than two (2) people may use a computer station at one time.
2. Users must have a current library card free outstanding fines and/or fees; OR provide a picture ID and sign the Visitor log for use of all public desktop computers and for wireless (WiFi) connection use.
3. Printing can be done from the desktop computers. Fees for printing are: $.20/page for black & white, $1.00/page for color, including taxes. Printouts are received and paid for at Service Desk. Users are encouraged to use the Print Preview function to avoid printing unwanted pages.
4. Not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete or current information. Although the library computers are filtered to some degree, the Library cannot be held responsible for unblocked content and assumes no responsibility for any damages and/or incorrect information arising from the use of Internet services. The Library has several software programs installed on the desktop computers for your convenience. Downloading of any other software programs on library computers is strictly prohibited.
5. Users with their own wireless-enabled devices may access the WiFi provided by the library during business hours, which is also filtered. Desktop computers and WiFi may not be used for unauthorized, illegal or unethical purposes including downloading or sharing of copyrighted materials.
6. Patrons that do not abide by the conditions set forth in this agreement will be denied computer and WiFi use and may lose all library privileges if an offense is serious enough to warrant such action. Loss of library privileges and the length of said loss are up to the discretion of the Library Director.

7. Users less than 14 years of age will be required to have a parent or legal guardian present with them at all times while using public computers.

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