Crane Room Policy

  1. The fact that a group is permitted to meet in the library does not in any way constitute the library’s endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs. The use of the library’s name in distributing partisan literature or for an organization’s mailing address will not be allowed.
  2. Upon adequate notice, and for adequate reasons, the library reserves the right to revoke permission to use the Crane Room. Final reviews are made by the board at the director’s request.
  3. Reservations: In order to make a reservation, the requesting organization must have a current “Application for use of Crane Room” on file at the library. Advance notice is advisable to avoid conflict with previously scheduled meetings. Cancellations should be made as early as possible when plans are altered.
  4. Private parties are disallowed. Admission may not be charged nor contributions solicited. Exceptions may be made for educational groups holding short-term classes or discussions involving small fees.
  5. The Crane Room will not be available before or after normal library hours, on holidays or days when the library is closed.
  6. An adult sponsor must supervise children’s groups and be present at all times.
  7. The organization will be responsible for cleanup following use, and will be held liable for any damage to the building, furniture, or equipment used. Groups are responsible for their own setup and takedown. Any furniture moved must be returned to its proper place. There will be no storage of equipment or records belonging to the group that is meeting in the room.
  8. Smoking is not permitted in the library. No alcohol or controlled substances may be consumed on the premises of any public building in the city of Minden.
  9. Kitchen equipment is at the disposal of groups using the meeting room. All equipment must be cleaned after use. A coffee pot, refrigerator and microwave are available for public use in the Crane Room. Utensils, dishes and other supplies are not furnished by the library.
  10. The library reserves the right to assess a $50.00 cleaning fee if deemed necessary by the director. Anyone spilling food or drink must wipe it up immediately and notify library staff as soon as possible. Failure to notify staff may result in a charge for damages to carpeting or chairs and suspension from Crane Room use.
  11. A movie screen is available for public use. All other library owned equipment for public use in the Crane Room must be requested at the time of reservation and set up by library personnel.
  12. The library director is authorized to deny permission to use the Crane Room to any group or individual that is disorderly or objectionable in any way, or that violates any of these regulations.
  13. The Jensen Memorial Library Board of Trustees and the City of Minden are not responsible for accidents, injury, or loss of individual property while using the Crane Room caused by human error, misbehavior, or misuse of equipment or furniture.
  14. In scheduling the Crane Room, programs sponsored by the library will receive first consideration, regardless of previous reservation. If not reserved for library purposes, this room is available for public gatherings of a cultural, educational, civic or professional nature by visitors to the library. It may not be used for any commercial purpose, or programs inconsistent with the library’s objectives, such as bingo games, or money raising functions, or later sales as a consequence of a meeting in the Crane Room.

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