Library Users Rights and Responsibilities Policy

  1. To obtain a valid library card, an eligible borrower fills out an application form whereby they agree to obey all rules and regulations of the Library. The application includes:
    1. a full written signature
    2. permanent home address
    3. two forms identifying current address (if not on DL/ID) ie. utility bill etc.
    4. telephone number
    5. e-mail address ( if applicable)
  2. Children under the age of 14 must have a parent or guardian sign their application card.
  3. All new library cards will have limited access to services and materials, and will expire after 3 months. Upon expiration, the card will be renewed and full privileges will be granted after the library verifies all information is current.
  4. All cards will expire once a year. Upon expiration the patron information will be updated if needed and extended for an additional year.  A new card will be issued at no charge if the current card is deemed unusable.
  5. All patron information, including check outs, reserves, reference questions, in-house
    use, and application information, will be kept strictly confidential.
  6. Patrons must present library card when checking out materials. Patrons not having their card present at time of check out will be given a “one time only” allowance, and a note will be made in their record stating they have been reminded to bring their card, and no further check outs will be allowed without having library card present.
  7. Fines will be charged for overdue materials. Please refer to the Length of Loan/ Fines and Fees Schedule for specific charges.
  8. Patrons with overdue materials will not be able to check out additional materials. They are welcome to use library computers and in-house services, but will not be allowed to check out any materials until the overdue items are returned, and applicable fines/fees are paid.
  9. Concerns regarding materials, services, programs, or policies should be referred to the Library Director or the Library Board of Trustees.

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