iPad Training and New Front-Line Tech Support on OverDrive

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 the library staff will be offering free iPad training. The main purpose of this training is to help patrons set up their device to access OverDrive, a free online ebook and audiobook checkout system available through the library. We will answer questions and provide support as much as we can outside of OverDrive also.

New to OverDrive is FrontLine Tech Support. This is another layer of support and help available to our patrons when they are having questions about OverDrive. If your question hasn’t been answered in the “Help” section of OverDrive and the librarians are unavailable or unable to help you, you can turn to FrontLine Tech Support right on OverDrive. Simply click the “Help” button or if you are already in the help section, scroll to the bottom of the page to “Support”. When you click on “Support” this will take you right to a FrontLine.

*A Reminder: OverDrive will now be requesting a library specific password to help prevent patrons from checking out books on another library’s patron card. This is not listed as a password, but rather, OverDrive requests a PIN in addition to your library card number. If you do not know this password, please stop by the library to obtain it.

Any other questions? Please contact the library staff at 402-764-7681.

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