Fine Free Day June 30 and Swedish Festival Program

Fines are a necessary part of the library world that no one likes to discuss. Fines are in place to ensure that materials are returned to the library in a timely manner, or returned at all. It has always been the feeling at the Stromsburg Public Library that our main concern is that materials are returned, but lately we are finding that even that is not even happening. In light of some extreme fine cases and many lost items, the Stromsburg Public Library board has refined the fine policy in our handbook.

Patrons will be notified at check out if they have a fine balance on their account. Email notification will be made when fines exceed $2.00. If fines accrue in excess of $10 patrons will not be allowed to check out any materials from the library until their account is made current. This includes, but is not limited to; books, movies, computers, magazines, reference material, newspapers, and cake pans.

These changes will take effect July 1, 2014. In light of this change, we will have a FINE FREE DAY on June 30, 2014. Any item returned on June 30 will have all fines erased that are being charged on that item! You may drop items in the drop box, or bring them in, either way is fine!

Starting July 1, the librarians will not be overriding any blocked checkouts. If the circulation system says your fines are over the limit, checkouts will be blocked until the account is made current. We never want to deny anyone the use of our library or its materials, but by not denying a few, we are denying many the use of our materials. We feel this is the best way to make it fair to all.

This year’s Swedish Festival program will be presented by local genealogists Beth Sparrow and Bob Greenwall. They will be discussing “Swedish Immigrants: Tracing Your Roots” at the Stromsburg Public Library on Saturday, June 21 at 2 pm. Beverages and cookies will be provided by the Friends of the Stromsburg Public Library.

Parents, please check the reference table in the library for information regarding the AR Summer Reading Challenge, Barnes and Noble’s Imagination’s Destination book giveaway, and local tutors that are available to help your students.

Check our DVD area for the Ice Age movies, new Dora the Explorer movies, “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug”, “Catching Fire”, and “Saving Mr. Banks”. A new shipment of books has also arrived and will be showing up on the shelves soon! Have a great Swedish Festival!


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