Equipment, Services and Book Sets

The Western Library System has many resources available for loan.  Most items are checked-out for three weeks.  Contact the WLS office if you wish to reserve resources and equipment.  Items may be picked up from the WLS office, shipped via USPS, or hand delivered by WLS staff.   The Western Library System will pay the postage to mail it to your library & your library is responsible for the return postage.  Some items require insurance for shipping, and some valuable or very heavy  items we will not place in the mail.  If you would like WLS staff to deliver your materials, please make advance reservations.


  • Cover One Book Repair System: This binding repair machine can fix a variety of types and sizes of books up to a 2 ½ ” thick book.  It will also work with legal size as well as regular 8½ x 11″ size items and paperbacks.  Repaired books will be ready to use in just 20 minutes.  Cost is 50¢ per book. You must bring your own books into the WLS office and make your own repairs there. Go to and click on the link for Book Repair Demo on the left-hand side of the page to see it in action.
  • Binding Machine (Docubind P100): create impressive looking reports, proposals, manuals, or directories with this plastic comb presentation binding system.
  • Microphone Speaker System
  • Epson Projector w/remote: available for check-out, make arrangements with WLS to pick up and return in person
  • EcoAutoSmart Disc Repair Machine: WLS will repair or clean your CDs/DVDs with our disc repair system.  WLS will repair the first 10 discs free of charge per fiscal year. Starting with the 11th disc, you will be charged .50 cents per disc.  Please mail or drop of your discs at the WLS office.  (No more than 50 discs at a time, please!)



  • Makey Makey:  WLS has one or a box of twelve that may be checked out on a first-come, first-serve basis for programs, events and library training.  System members may borrow the kit at no cost for up to two weeks. Contact the WLS office to reserve the kit.
  • Breakout EDU kits:  WLS has four kits that may be checked out on a first-come, first-serve basis for programs, events, and library training.  System members may borrow the kits at no cost for up to two weeks.  A loan agreement must be signed and delivery arrangements will be made at the time of the reservation.  Each kit is capable of 350 games geared for all ages.  Visit for lots of helpful information.  Contact the WLS office to reserve a kit.
  • Professional Journals: You may borrow a specific issue, or receive the journal on a rotating basis by signing-up for the WLS journal rotation.  WLS subscribes to American Libraries, Library Journal, School Library Journal, and Booklist.
  • Consulting: The Western Library System Coordinator is available to work individually with library staff, boards, school media specialists and other members on any aspect of library service.  Through on-site visits, phone calls and email, the Coordinator assists members to resolve problems, assess needs, and enhance programs.
  • Planning and Development: The Western Library System provides assistance with the development of library plans, encourages partnerships, makes information available about funding opportunities, and supports library staff and boards as they seek innovative ways to meet the needs of their communities.
  • Online Mailing List: Join the WLS mailing list to receive timely library and System news, information, and updates.  Any member librarian, library trustee, or media specialist may subscribe to the list at:
  • Scholarships: The Western Library System Board established a scholarship fund to facilitate professional development. Librarians, Media Specialists, Board Members, Trustees, and any other people involved in library service in the Western Library System may use monies in the fund for attendance at professional meetings, classes, workshops, or other beneficial academic activities.  To apply for a WLS Scholarship submit a Scholarship Application.
  • Training: WLS provides workshops and individual training on topics of interest to librarians, media specialists, and library trustees.  Contact the System office to request or schedule a training session.

Reference – Online

Book Sets – Contact the WLS office to check out any book sets

News Of The World by Paulette Jiles

Set in post-Civil War Texas, Paulette Jiles’ latest novel, News of the World, tells the story of 71-year-old Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd and his unlikely ward, a 10-year-old girl rescued by the U.S. Army from Kiowa Indian capture. 9 copies


The Bones of Paradise by Jonis Agee

A kaleidoscopic portrait of misfits, schemers, chancers, and dreamers, Jonis Agee’s bold new novel is a panorama of America at the dawn of a new century.  A beautiful evocation of this magnificent, blood-soaked land —- its sweeping prairies, seas of golden grass and sandy hills, all at the mercy of two unpredictable and terrifying forces, weather and lawlessness —- and the durable men and women who dared to tame it. 10 copies

Prairie Forge by James A. Kimble

The extraordinary story of the Nebraska scrap metal drive of World War II.  10 copies



All the Gallant Men: An American Sailor's Firsthand Account of Pearl Harbor

ALL THE GALLANT MEN by Donald Stratton

An American Sailor’s firsthand account of PEARL HARBOR and the first memoir by a USS Arizona survivor.  An unforgettable story of unfathomable courage and steely determination.  10 copies

Death Zones & Darling Spies by Beverly Deepe Keever

Beverly describes what it was like for a Nebraska farm girl to find herself halfway around the world in Saigon as an American correspondent during the seven year Vietnam War.  10 copies


Product Details

O Pioneers! by Willa Cather

This is the sentimental and somewhat controversial story of the Bergsons, a family of Swedish pioneers that settles for life on the American prairie.
13 copies


The Meaning of Names

The Meaning Of Names by Karen Gettert Shoemaker
This is a hauntingly tender story set in Nebraska during WWI, a time when nationalism led to prejudice against German-Americans, a time when the influenza pandemic of 1918 killed millions.  Karen Gettert Shoemaker weaves an enduring story of faith, family, and love. 14 copies