Who / What

Mission Statement:  The mission of the Western Library System is to provide the leadership, training, and support necessary to enable our member libraries to be essential and valued resources in their communities.

Who We Are

The Western Library System (WLS) is one of four regional library systems established and funded by the Nebraska Library Commission. Each System is a non-profit corporation governed by boards representative of libraries and citizens in the region. The four systems were established to provide access to improved library services through the cooperation of all types of libraries and media centers within the counties included in each System area.



What We Do

The Western Library System’s purpose is to foster cooperation, and support all types of libraries in the Western region through training, consulting, networking, and promotion. WLS also provides a link between the 21 counties of Western Nebraska and the other libraries in state.  Each system offers a variety of services such as regular newsletters, meetings of library staff, workshops, consulting, and planning reflective of the needs within the region in addition to the programs and services of the state library and the Nebraska Library Commission.

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