Blair Public Library

 Patron Complaint Policy

While the Blair Public Library tries to provide the highest levels of satisfaction and service to its patrons, we recognize that occasionally a patron may wish to make a complaint. A Library patron may choose to start by making his or her complaint on an informal, oral basis to the Library’s staff.

If the patron chooses not to do so, or if the complaint does not lend itself to informal resolution, the patron should request and complete a Patron Complaint Form. The Library Director will promptly review the completed Complaint Form and, where appropriate, attempt to resolve the complaint directly.

If the patron is not satisfied with the response provided, and/or if the Director decides that the situation warrants the input of the Blair Public Library Board, either or both parties may bring the written complaint to the attention of the Board. A patron desiring to do so may also request an opportunity to address the Board at one of its monthly meetings. The Board will promptly review a complaint presented to it, provide an oral and/or a written response to the complainant, and take any further remedial action warranted by the particular circumstances.

The decision of the Library Board, with respect to a complaint,  will be final.

Reviewed and approved by the Blair Public Library Board,

Reviewed 4/2017
Reviewed 8/2018
Reviewed 8/2019
Reviewed 7/2020