• No outside food or uncapped drinks are allowed in the library.
  • The courteous use of cellular phones is allowed within the library.  Conversations that are loud or disruptive to other patrons may result in the patron being asked to move to the entrance foyer.  Patrons being served at the Circulation Desk may be asked to remove themselves until after their conversation; allowing the next patron in line to be served.
  • Bicycles, roller blades, skateboards or any unauthorized wheeled equipment may not be used or worn in the library or parked directly in front of the entrance.  Bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks.
  • The library is a tobacco free building.
  • Copyright laws are the responsibility of the patron to obey.
  • A staff member must approve signs or flyers before being displayed on the bulletin board or left in the library.  The library does not allow individual for profit materials displayed.  Community events sponsored by non-profit groups are allowed.
  • At closing time all library patrons must leave the building promptly.
  • All library patrons must evacuate the building during an emergency or go to designated safe areas when deemed necessary by staff such as in the event of a tornado warning, fire, or bomb scare.
  • Parents, not staff, are responsible for their children’s safety and behavior.  Children who come to the library alone must be old enough to conduct themselves in a quiet manner that does not disturb other patrons.  Shouting, running, or jumping will not be allowed.  Patrons who refuse to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner will be asked to leave the library.  Repetitive, unbecoming behavior may result in suspension or a cancellation of privileges.
  • Parents must plan transportation for their child ahead of time.  Staff is not responsible for children who do not have transportation home at closing time.  If parents do not pick up children age 13 or younger within 10 minutes after closing, the police will be notified to ensure the child’s safety.
  • Shoes and shirt are required in the library.

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