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Blair Cemeteries

This site is a record of the Blair Cemetery plots. You can search the cemetery records by name, date of birth, date of birth, date of death, mother’s name or father’s name,

Danish American Archive & Library

The DAAL is the largest repository of written, visual and recorded materials relating to Danish Americans in the western hemisphere.  date of death, mother’s name or father

Danish American Archive & Library Digital Collections

Here you will find an expanding selection of digitized versions of DAAL collections, many of which will be of interest to historians and genealogists. These are the result of a project intended to preserve some of our unique and aging materials in a format that can be easily made available to the public.

Washington County Obituaries

This site is a record of the obituaries in Washington County, Nebraska.

Washington County Cemeteries

This site is a record of the cemetery plots in Washington County, Nebraska.

Washington County Genealogical Society

The purpose of the Washington County Genealogical Society is to promote research and give guidance to those who are tracing their family lines through the searching of records, people and places. The society continues to foster an interest in all peoples who contributed in any way to the establishment and perpetuation for the county of Washington in the state of Nebraska.

The Washington County Historical Association

Today, the Washington County Historical Association strives to be the keeper of our county’s history.  We endeavor to bring the stories of our past to life in new and engaging ways, through exhibits about the First Council meeting between Lewis & Clark and the Otoe-Missouria tribes, relics of Fort Atkinson, archaeological finds, and stories of our pioneer families and the towns they built. We desire to preserve our family stories for future generations and tell them in ways that engage and involve children and adults alike.