Aug 202013


What is a library? It seems obvious to me what a library is. But when attempting to sum up exactly what a library is, its a little more difficult than I would think it should be.

What pops into your mind when you hear the word ‘library’?

I think of a cool and quiet place filled with books of all sizes and colors. I think of the musty smell of old books. The feeling of calmness comes to mind, as a library has always been somewhat of a sanctuary to me. I appreciate the fact that I can borrow books, read about the worlds within the pages, and return them without paying a cent.

Type in ‘what is a library’ in the search engine and you get all sorts of answers.

“A library is a building that houses books to lend to people. Libraries are free for users to come and use books.”

“A library is a building where you can go in there and borrow books for a certain period of time. There are libraries in a lot of places including there is probably one in your school.”

“A library is somewhere that you can find all kinds of books. Some people like to go to a library to study. It is always quiet in a library.”

“A library should be a collection of information, sources, resources, and services.”

Visit our library today.  See what all we have to offer you.  Encourage your children to become familiar with the library.  Its one of the most useful places left that they can visit for free!   

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