Jennifer Fowler took over the position from Caroline Chilewski as Library Director for the Loup City Public Library September 1, 2012. She has trained for her current position for the past two years taking courses through the Nebraska Library Commission, while being the library clerk. She also worked for the Loup City High School as the library media aide for a year. She moved to Loup City in 2002 from Lincoln. She now lives close to the Fowler family farm between Loup City and Arcadia with her husband, Clay, and their three sons Rylan, Trenton, and Nathan. Jennifer is excited about the opportunity to be the librarian for the community and looks forward to serving your needs!

Jun 282014

The Loup City Public Library was proud to host the Crane River Theater Production of Page to Stage, a library outreach program for youth, on June 25, 2014. Shrek, Donkey, Princess Fiona and other fairy-tale characters from the ongoing production of Shrek The Musical read, performed and interacted with kids as they shared these famous stories. Community children had the opportunity to see the characters jump from the page to the stage and had the words come to life before their very own eyes. Thank you to all of those who attended this very special production.

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Jun 242014

What to read, what to read, what to read….
The lazy days of summer are perfect for relaxing with a book. Theres so many choices out there! Who knows which one to choose. We’ve compiled a list of links to answer that question of ‘what should I read next?’. Enjoy!



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Jun 192014


June is in full swing and the Loup City Public Library has been fizzin’ and boomin’ with activity from our summer readers! At the end of our third week we are happy to report that we have had 68 children register! Over 50 chamber bucks were earned by these hard working kids, along with other incentives, and they have read over 154 books. This is great progress from the kids of our small community!

There is plenty of time left to encourage your kids to come in and participate. Our summer reading program will continue through August 2nd. So as the swimming lessons end, the camps finish up, and the ball games come to a close, steer the children in our direction! Remember, children tend to lose months of hard won reading skills over the summer break. Encouraging them to read before the school doors reopen will help maintain their reading levels.

Upcoming library events: Crane River Theater Presents : Page to Stage June 25th 1:30-2:30pm


*The library is scheduled for the annual summer cleaning the week of July 1st-5th…so we will be closed that week. Stock up beforehand on some books for you AND the kids.



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Jun 112014

From the Crane River Theater:
The arts bring us joy in every aspect of our lives. Crane River Theater wishes to be an outlet for that artistic expression. Our mission is to serve the communities of Central Nebraska as a professional theater production company providing a home for the presentation, education and promotion of the arts. We are excited to bring professional artists from across the country, thus allowing Central Nebraska to become a destination for theater, music and dance.

Encouraging the creativity of our youth is essential. Crane River Theater is excited to offer Page to Stage, a library outreach program for youth. Shrek, Donkey, Princess Fiona and other fairy-tale characters from our upcoming production of Shrek, The Musical will read, perform and interact with kids as they share these famous stories. Allowing children the opportunity to see the characters jump from the page to the stage and the words come to life before their very own eyes is truly invaluable. Crane River Theater will bring Page to Stage to Loup City on Wednesday, June 25th at the Library from 1:30pm to 2:30pm.


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Jun 052014

Mark your calendars today! On Tuesday, June 10th at 10 am – instead of the regular story and craft time at the library – we will be having a special presentation for the children of our community “Keep Loup Basin Beautiful – Every Drop Counts.” Kathy Mann from Burwell, NE will be the speaker.

The children will be doing a hands-on activity that will teach them the importance of conserving the world’s water supply by demonstrating just how much water is useable, how it is distributed, and how to avoid water pollution and contamination.
The kids will be able to visualize the world’s total water supply, the amount of salt water on the earth, the amount of water that is frozen, the amount of fresh water, the amount of contaminated water, and then finally…the amount of water that people can safely use for consumption which is only .003% of the total water on earth.
The importance of not littering in our water supply and how long it actually takes for items such as plastic to decompose will also be stressed. Many items that are used in daily life take from 200-400 years to decompose.
“Keep Loup Basin Beautiful” urges everyone, young and old, to respect our precious water supply and to do their part in conserving it for future generations.
The presentation will last approximately 45min-1hr. All are welcome to attend!




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May 282014


-Read to young children daily.
-Read a chapter book to your school-age children by reading aloud one or two chapters every day.
*An easy time of day to sneak some quality reading time in is right before bedtime*
-Encourage your children to spend time reading and looking at books. (Long car rides on vacation trips are a great time to encourage young readers.)
– Talk with your children about what they are reading.
-Ask your library about programs for children.  Get them signed up and make it a part of your weekly goals to stop in and take part!

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May 272014

... of fun more to come later the theme for this progam is fizz boom read


You are invited to Fizz, Boom, Read! at the Loup City Public Library’s 2014 Summer Library Program. Starts June 3rd and will through August 2nd!

How the program works:
1. Children ages preK-12th grade can register for the program.
2. You’ll receive a logbook to record the titles of the books your read this summer.
3. Take an AR test after you read the book (or for those of you who can’t read yet, your caregiver can read the questions to you) to earn points.
PreK-6th Grade: every 5pts. earned is $1 in chamber bucks.
7th-12th Grade: every 10pts. earned is $1 in chamber bucks. Earn up to $10 in chamber bucks.
4. We’ll be offering a variety of programs, giveaways, and incentives along the way. So drop in as often as possible and check our Facebook page, website, or look in the Sherman Co Times.
5. Every Tuesday morning at 10 am beginning June 3rd, come on in to StoryTime at the library! Volunteers Sydney Wardyn and Heather Harrison will be reading to and working with the children on a craft.

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May 202014

Volunteers Heather Harrison and Sydney Wardyn will be reading to the children of the community at 10 am every Tuesday throughout the summer!
After a story is read, the kids will participate in making a craft and can color as well. Parents can help their children or can feel free to browse the shelves for books of their own.
The Summer Reading Program will begin June 3rd and will go through August 2nd as well.
Hope everyone is enjoying their first few days of freedom!








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May 142014

11Schoooools out for Summer! 

Congratulations on completing another year of school kids!  Parents – congratulations on surviving another year of school.  With the school year behind us, we are all going to be getting into a whole new routine for these upcoming summer months.  With this in mind, we moved up the start of our summer hours to begin the first full week after school is out.  May 19th is the start of the new schedule.

The library will now be closed Sunday AND Monday.

Tuesdays will be longer, with morning hours. 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm.

Wednesdays remain the same, 2pm-8pm.

Thursdays and Fridays also remain the same, 2pm-6pm.

Saturdays remain the same with hours from 2pm-5pm.

The computer rule for the children will take affect after this week. Beginning with the summer schedule, the children will only be allowed one hour per child per day. Exceptions will be made to those working on a project.

We look forward to seeing you!

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