Jun 052014

Mark your calendars today! On Tuesday, June 10th at 10 am – instead of the regular story and craft time at the library – we will be having a special presentation for the children of our community “Keep Loup Basin Beautiful – Every Drop Counts.” Kathy Mann from Burwell, NE will be the speaker.

The children will be doing a hands-on activity that will teach them the importance of conserving the world’s water supply by demonstrating just how much water is useable, how it is distributed, and how to avoid water pollution and contamination.
The kids will be able to visualize the world’s total water supply, the amount of salt water on the earth, the amount of water that is frozen, the amount of fresh water, the amount of contaminated water, and then finally…the amount of water that people can safely use for consumption which is only .003% of the total water on earth.
The importance of not littering in our water supply and how long it actually takes for items such as plastic to decompose will also be stressed. Many items that are used in daily life take from 200-400 years to decompose.
“Keep Loup Basin Beautiful” urges everyone, young and old, to respect our precious water supply and to do their part in conserving it for future generations.
The presentation will last approximately 45min-1hr. All are welcome to attend!




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