Spectacular Summer Reading!

IMG_3072 IMG_3085 IMG_3113 IMG_3131 IMG_3133 IMG_3120 IMG_3119IMG_3118IMG_3127 IMG_3125 IMG_3129We had a great time during our last week of the Summer Reading Program and at our Grand Finale!  Sam, the Golden Retriever, was our guest ‘speaker’ when we read all about Therapy Dogs and their training.  Our book was the true story The Adventures of Sheila the Therapy Dog by Debbie Fedorovich.  Sam was a hit with the children and he didn’t suffer any ill side effects from all the loving attention (and dog bones) he received from the children!  Our Grand Finale was just that, Grand!  We wore our Superhero Capes and masks, and we had some great prizes for everyone as well as special prizes!  Our Top Reader for the K-3d grade reading level was (for the second year in a row!) Danielle Haas who read a WHOPPING total of 43 books, and our winner of the 4th grade and up category with a HUGE total of 539 pages was Juliana Moser.  Congratulations to our top two winners who received food vouchers from Adie’s in Snyder, and Storm Chaser Tickets, as well as an embroidered pillow!  We also had special deportment awards – Connor Kreikemeier earned the “Most Enthusiastic” award; Isabel Belina earned the “Best Behaved” award; Miah Throener earned the “Best Listener” award, and Stephana Svehla earned the “Most Courteous” award.  Each received gifts donated by West Point Dairy Queen.  I will make a detailed list of our beneficiaries and post it for you; and when you next patronize those establishments, please thank them for supporting your local library!  Our entertainment for the evening was Rainbow Trout the Clown.  She did another phenomenal job of face painting, tattoos, and balloon art – and it really was art! We are blessed to have such a wonderful artist come and help us celebrate your children!  Pizzas galore, drinks donated by the Snyder Mini Mart and a glorious time had by all!  And next year (of course!) will be even better!!!  So here are a few pictures for you to enjoy; I have plenty more at the library for parents/grandparents free to take home.  Thanks for letting your children spend part of their summer with us, it was truly wonderful having them here!  Until next time, happy reading and hope to see you soon at your Snyder Library!

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