On the heels of the Summer Reading Program…

Ava and Danielle with their windchimes!

Ava and Danielle with their wind chimes!

We had a great Story Time today!  Our book was Pickle & Penguin by Lawrence David; a great story about friendship and taking care of each other.  Our craft today was all about recycling!  We made great wind chimes (or door bells!) from the expired Village dog and cat registration tags!  They did the job perfectly and are colorful to boot.  Come check out our handiwork at the library – I have one hanging!  Our next Story Time will be on 15 September, same time; make sure you check out the calendar.  And don’t forget, the Book Club meets on the 24th of August at 7 p.m. right here at your Snyder Library.  Until next time, happy reading!

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