A Word About Donations

Donations are a great way for libraries to add to their collection without using budget funds for new books. The Stromsburg Public Library gladly accepts donations from the public, but before you donate, please consider the following. Per our policy do not accept reference materials or textbooks that are older than 5 years and books must be in like new condition.

To keep our library collection current and useful we apply the principle of weeding on a regular basis. We pay particular attention to the condition of the book when weeding. Does it smell? Are there signs of wear? Are the pages yellowed or discolored in any way? We also look at the content of the book. Is it a book that will interest patrons in our community?  Is it still relevant and reliable?

We ask that you also consider these questions before you decide to donate books or other materials to the library. The condition of the book plays mightily into whether someone will even take the book off the shelf, let alone check it out and take it to their home. If a book does not pass inspection, it is okay to throw a book away. If you don’t want it in your home, chances are, no one else does either. If it is a fabulous book that you picked up on vacation or purchased for yourself and you think others would like it, please don’t hesitate to call and ask if we would like it for the collection. A quick call to confirm that we have the time and space to take donations is always appreciated.

Other options for book donations include your local church or the Living Water Rescue Mission in York. Check with these organizations to see what their donation policy might be.

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