Virtual Early Out Building Day

Hey, Kids! Even though we aren’t getting together to build on Wednesday I thought we could still have some fun. Can you build a pumpkin? Or even a Jack o’ Lantern?

How about a ghost? Be creative and build us something, have your parents snap a picture and post it in the Facebook event for everyone to see. All participants can stop in and receive something from the prize box.

Let’s still have some fun and be creative!

2 thoughts on “Virtual Early Out Building Day”

  1. Great event ahead of Halloween!

    Takes the edge off the craziness of the year 🙂

    Are there any similar upcoming events, especially LEGO centric, for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?

    1. Chris,

      We typically host events all through Christmas break but we are going to wait and see for now. With COVID-19 cases still on the rise in our area something like LEGO events are probably not the best idea. We could do movies or maybe visit a National Park through Zoom like we did last year!

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