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Nebraska Public Library Accreditation                                                                                           The purpose of public library accreditation is to encourage excellent library service in Nebraska communities.


  • establishes minimum standards for library services
  • ensures that libraries adhere to certain standards
  • offers libraries benchmarks
  • offers libraries evidence that certain expenditures, services, and practices are needed and expected


The Accreditation process begins in July each year when invitations to apply are sent to public libraries up for reaccreditation and to libraries that have not been previously accredited but that have submitted the Public Libraries Survey for the preceding year.  Completed Accreditation Applications are due each October 1.

Library Accreditation is valid for three years.  In order to apply, the library must:

  • have submitted the statistical report
  • know the library Bibliostat username and password, verify that the library meets the 12 minimum qualifications, and have an up-to-date strategic plan, approved by the Nebraska Library Commission.


The guidelines are community based, so that each library determines its own priorities based on community needs.  This requires each library to have or to create a strategic plan that addresses the unique needs of its community.


Please contact Christa Porter with questions about Accreditation at: or at 402-471-3175




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