Mar 292019

Since the dreariness is never-ending, you just as well pick up a good book and take advantage of the crummy weather.

 The Coachman by Susan Gibbs

This historical romance has a strong heroine interested in the child labor of the times.  Lauren was taken in and raised by Bethnal Green Workhouse when she was four-years-old.  She was even given her name there.  Gradually rising from poverty thanks to good luck, ambition, and education, she finds herself in many a precarious position.  Gregory Stoke is a royal coachman tasked with transporting this social do-gooder around the countryside.  I enjoyed reading about the social concerns of the time and the romance was decently done.

Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Agnieska lives in a village at the edge of a dark wood and ends up being the “chosen one”. Unfortunately, being the chosen one means leaving your friends and family and going to live with the dragon for ten years. As Agnieska learns more about magic, she also learns more about the deceptive nature of mankind. The romance was steamier than I expected.  The fantasy portion was a little more descriptive than it needed to be but overall Uprooted is a good Fairy Tale/Fantasy.

Max and the Midknights by Lincoln Peirce

Max and her uncle get into trouble when they revisit his hometown and find an evil king has been put in charge. This would be a typical good vs bad guy tale with great illustrations; however, Max isn’t your typical hero.  A great story of friendship and bravery.

My Pillow Keeps Moving by Laurie Gehl

A man keeps selecting the same dog as his pillow, footrest, and coat, only to find that it isn’t really any good at being any of those things. It is very good about being fluffy and soft. Soon, the man decides to be satisfied with all of the wonderful things the dog CAN do.  This is a sweet, funny story which will leave the kids in stitches (so to speak).