New Fiction

The Lost Village by Camilla Sten: Documentary filmmaker Alice Lindstedt has been obsessed with the vanishing residents of the old mining town, dubbed “The Lost Village,” and sets out to make a film about the disappearances. Not long after they’ve set up camp, mysterious things begin to happen. Equipment is destroyed. People go missing. As doubt breeds fear and their very minds begin to crack, one thing becomes clear: They are not alone. They’re looking for the truth… But what if it finds them first?

A Gambling Man by David Baldacci: The 1950s are on the horizon, and Archer is in dire need of a fresh start. Seeking fortune in California, Archer’s first stop is a P.I. office where he is hoping to apprentice with a legendary private eye and former FBI agent named Willie Dash. He lands the job, and immediately finds himself in the thick of a potential scandal: a blackmail case involving a wealthy well-connected politician running for mayor that soon spins into something even more sinister.

Stargazer by Anne Hillerman: Years ago, Bernie and Maya were roommates, but time and Mayas struggles with addiction drove them apart. Now Mayas brother asks Bernie to find out what happened to his sister. Tracing Mayas whereabouts, Bernie learns that her old friend had confessed to the murder of her estranged husband, a prominent astronomer. But the details don’t align. Suspicious, Bernie takes a closer look at the case only to find that nothing is as it seems.

21st Birthday by James Patterson: Detective Lindsay Boxer vows to protect a young woman from a serial killer long enough to see her twenty-first birthday. When Tara Burke goes missing with her baby girl, all eyes are on her husband, Lucas. He paints her not as a missing person but a wayward wife–until a gruesome piece of evidence turns the investigation criminal. If what Lucas tells law enforcement has even a grain of truth, there isn’t a woman in the state of California who’s safe.

The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex: A boat pulls up to a lighthouse with relief for the keepers, but the tower is locked and empty. The weather log describes a storm raging round the tower, but the skies have been clear all week, and the clocks have all stopped at 8:45. Two decades later, the wives who were left behind are visited by a writer who is determined to find the truth. As secrets surface and truths twist into lies, what does it take to keep the light burning when all else is swallowed by dark?

2034 by Elliot Ackerman: From two former military officers and award-winning authors, 2034 is a chillingly authentic, geopolitical thriller that imagines a naval clash between the US and China in the South China Sea in 2034 — and the path from there to a nightmarish global conflagration. Everything in 2034 is an imaginative extrapolation from present-day facts on the ground combined with the authors’ years working at the highest and most classified levels of national security.

Finding Ashley by Danielle Steel: After losing her son to cancer followed by divorce, Melissa Henderson is leading a quiet life renovating a Victorian house when she receives a call from her sister, Hattie. At sixteen, a pregnant Melissa was sent to a gloomy convent in Ireland to have– and give up–her baby, to spare the family shame. All these years later, Hattie feels compelled to embark on a journey that will change both their lives forever, and track down the child Melissa gave up.

Animal Instinct by David Rosenfelt: The K Team’s latest case – a recent unsolved murder – gives Corey a chance to solve ‘the one that got away.’ Corey knew the murder victim from his time on the force, when he was unable to protect her in a domestic dispute. Now, he is convinced the same abusive boyfriend is responsible for her murder. With some help from Laurie’s lawyer husband, Andy Carpenter, the K Team is determined to prove what the police could not, no matter the cost.

When the Stars Go Dark by Paula McLain: The day missing persons detective Anna Hart arrives in Mendocino, CA, she learns a local teenage girl has gone missing. Then, just days later, a twelve-year-old girl is abducted. The crimes feel frighteningly reminiscent of the most crucial time in Anna’s childhood, when a string of unsolved murders touched Mendocino. As past and present collide, Anna must learn that true courage means getting out of her own way and learning to let others in.

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