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Velvet Was the Night by Silva Moreno-Garcia: While student protests and political unrest consume 1970s Mexico City, Maite escapes into stories of passion and danger. When her next-door neighbor, Leonora, a beautiful art student, disappears under suspicious circumstances, Maite finds herself searching for the missing woman–and journeying deeper into Leonora’s secret life of student radicals and dissidents.

Not a Happy Family by Shari Lapena: In this family, everyone is keeping secrets–especially the dead. Brecken Hill in upstate New York is an expensive place to live. But even all their money can’t protect them when a killer comes to call. The Mertons are brutally murdered the night after an Easter dinner with their three adult kids. Who, of course, are devastated? Or are they?

Just One Look by Lindsay Cameron: Cassie Woodson reviews correspondence for a large-scale fraud suit where she becomes obsessed with the tender (and private) exchanges between a partner at the firm, Forest Watts, and his wife, Annabelle. When something throws the state of his marriage into question, the fantasy she’s been carefully cultivating shatters. Suddenly, she doesn’t simply admire Annabelle-she wants to take her place. And she’s armed with the tools to make that happen.

The Dare by Lesley Kara: Lizzie and Alice are the best of friends. One day when they’re out playing by the train tracks, a childish spat triggers Lizzie’s epilepsy. When she comes to, she finds an unimaginable horror: Alice has been killed and Lizzie is devastated. Years later, Lizzie has tried to move on and is starting a new life in London, but someone from her past isn’t willing to forgive and forget. They want answers. And they’ll do anything to pry them from her. Even if Lizzie doesn’t know them herself.

The Book of Accidents by Chuck Wendig: Long ago, something sinister, something hungry, walked in the tunnels and the mountains and the coal mines of Nate and Maddie’s hometown in rural Pennsylvania. Now they have moved back with their son, Oliver. What happened long ago is happening again . . . and it is happening to Oliver. He meets a strange boy who becomes his best friend, a boy with secrets of his own, and a taste for dark magic that puts them at the heart of a battle of good versus evil.

Lightning Strike by William Kent Krueger: Aurora is a small town nestled in the forest alongside the shores of Minnesota’s Iron Lake. In the summer of 1963, it is the whole world to twelve-year-old Cork O’Connor, its rhythms as familiar as his own heartbeat. But when Cork stumbles upon the body of a man he revered hanging from a tree in an abandoned logging camp, it is the first in a series of events that will cause him to question everything he took for granted about his hometown, his family, and himself.

Another Kind of Eden by James Lee Burke: In the western landscape of 1960s Denver, a businessman and his son wield their influence through vicious cruelty and set their sights on s box-car-riding drifter named Aaron, drawing him into an investigation of grotesque murders. It becomes clear that the idyllic landscape harbors tremendous power—and evil. Followed by a mysterious shrouded figure who might not be human, Aaron will have to face down his foes to save the life of the woman he loves and his own.

In the Middle of Middle America by David Lyons: A teacher. A soldier. An immigrant. A joker. A loner. A chancer. A carer. A mosaic of seven regular townsfolk are going about their days, blissfully unaware their lives are about to interweave, interchange and interact; entangling into such a messy web that, together — and unbeknownst to them — they end up changing the course of history.

A Slow Burning Fire by Paula Hawkins: When a man is found murdered in a houseboat, it triggers questions about three women. Laura is the troubled one-night-stand last seen in the victim’s home. Carla is his grief-stricken aunt, already mourning the recent death of yet another family member. And Miriam is the nosy neighbor clearly keeping secrets from the police. Three women with separate connections to the victim. Three women who are – for different reasons – simmering with resentment.

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