Apr 052019

The good news:  There are two adorable Elementary and Middle-Grade books this week. The bad news: My adult book was horrid, so it won’t be making an appearance.


“Archivist Wasp” is set in an interesting, post-apocalyptic world. The story was good and at times intense but a lot of things just happened without being explained. I would read the second one as I appreciated the strong protagonist and decent ending.

An imaginative, thoughtful story, it pulls in the “golem” from Jewish tradition and also the tragic reality of children in the age of “chimney sweeps”. The language is just gorgeous. I really like this story. It feels “Grimm-like” only with rays of hope and kindness. This book is just magic.


A young girl deals with the death of her mother, the separation from everything and everyone she has ever known, and a culture shift when she is “taken in” by her aunt. This book has characters who jump off the page and is packed with humor. The only things that could have been left out were the quirky “spelling” of the main character and the father’s family who never actually became part of the “current” story. A great audiobook if you have any road trips in the future.

If you have ever spent too much money on a gift for a child only to have the child fascinated with the box it came in, these are the books for you!  Fun and simple these stories showcase the power of a child’s imagination. “What to do with a box” by Jane Yolen & Chris Sheban and “Not a Box” by Antoinette Portis.

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