Mar 172015

ericaed edgerton3 wadekidsedgThank you so much to the Edgerton Science folks for making today a great success. Thank you so much to:  St Josaphat’s for use of the Parish Hall, the Presbyterian church for use of tables, and CNCS for use of tables, the Sherman County Times,  and Carolyn Sekutera for putting up with me.   Thanks also to the Loup City Public schools Principal Hodge, Superintendent Dahlberg, Tammy Nelson, Teresa Walters, Kyle Knaub, Jodi, Tim, Mary, Bonnie and the Kitchen staff for changing their schedules, and all of the teachers for making it come together and, of course,  Mary Ann Paider for putting up with me.  Arcadia Public school administration and especially Marie Nielsen for going above and beyond.  Thanks to:  Dianne Peters, Kathy Spotanski, Judy Heil, Vivian Damratowski, Deb Higgins, and Loraine Panowicz for monitoring the Interactive zone and to Mrs Chilewski for monitoring the library and Jerome Lobner for taking photos.  Erica Butler was kind enough to take some photos for us also.  Thanks to set up/clean up crew: Mr. Hodge (again–he was great),Mrs. Hodge, and Gretchen, Karissa, and Nate,  Wade Heil, Lowayne Psota (helping me load and unload tables), Tami and Ed Jonak, Zach and Chase Stieb, and Delanie and Dillon Heil.  This program was possible thanks to the State of Nebraska, Nebraska Library Commission​, and the Youth Grant.  Thanks to the kids for making it a great day!  I hope to post more pictures of the Family Fun Night as soon as I obtain parental consent. 🙂  Photos by Erica Butler.