May 032019


“The Lost For Words Bookshop” by Stephanie Butland is a bookstore lover’s dream of a book. The bookshop is a safe haven for Loveday Cardew who prefers to live in the pages of books. Hiding from a traumatic childhood event and a recent ugly relationship, Loveday allows only people who work in the bookshop with her to penetrate her shell. When her past and present troubles collide to jeopardize her very life, Loveday will find out who her true friends are.  A lovely book with some very serious topics. TW: Domestic Violence

Rebecca Roanhorse weaves Navajo legends and myths into her post-apocalytic novel.  The Navajo people built a wall around their lands to protect them after the chaos of the Big Waters flooded much of what was the United States. They didn’t realize the cataclysmic event had also loosed some monsters of legend and there are few who will be able to take down these monsters. Maggie Hoskie is a monster-hunter. One who doesn’t need a partner…until she does. An action-packed fantasy with some dark threads.

Stubby is a fellow soldier and mascot for his fellow doughboys in World War I. There is a lot of history packed into this easy read. Disguised as an “animal book”, Calkhoven does a great job explaining the conflict and the chemical warfare prevalent during this time without getting bogged down in the horrors of war.

I had another book and craft laid out for Storytime this week.  Then I saw this little treasure and what can I say?  Who can resist dragons? Especially stuffed-up dragons who refuse to cover their sneezes!  It was a hit with the Storytime group!




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