Lego Guy

Curtis Mork, also known as the Lego Guy, visited the Elgin Community Center on Friday, June 23 as part of the Elgin Public Library’s summer reading program. He spent time teaching and interacting with approximately 50 kids. He shared the history of Legos, from their beginnings in Denmark 60 years ago to the current and popular sets we have today.

After a brief lesson on the background of Legos, Mork allowed the kids a chance to design and build their own Lego creations. They were also able to take time to browse the various sets Mork built himself, including various Lego City buildings and pieces of construction equipment.

Mr. Mork has been a Lego fan since age 6 and has collected more than 500 sets of Legos, including Star Wars and Lego City. He spends much of the summer traveling the Midwest doing presentations and interactive workshops.
The Lego Guy was sponsored by the Elgin Public Library which was one of many libraries in Northeast Nebraska that Mr. Mork has visited this summer.[slideshow_deploy id=’1026′]

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