Superstar Readers

Elgin Public Library is pleased to announce the first superstar readers for the summer.  Tenley Schindler is the daughter of Jesse and Shanda Schindler.

Our other superstar readers were Jael and Ryker Lammers, children of Todd and Shanna Lammers.  Congratulations to our Superstar readers!

Build a Better World

On June 8, 18 children participated in the summer reading program activity time.  Krystal Carr,summer intern for the Nebraska Extension – Antelope County, presented a lesson and activities on water, earth, and air.  She read the book Bag in the Wind by Ted Kooser. The story follows a plastic bag on its journey from a landfill into a series of townspeople’s lives.The book was followed by several activities that emphasized recycling and taking care of our natural resources helping us build a better world.

Story Time

Building a better world with kindness was the theme for our first story time on June 5.  The library had 26 children participating in the first story time of the summer.  Mrs. Bode read  If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson.  The children then made a flower with the center showing one way they were going to be kind.  We finished the time with a snack.